Error: ‘int’ object is not subscriptable – Python

Error: ‘int’ object is not subscriptable – Python :

When you type x = 0 that is creating a new int variable (name) and assigning a zero to it.

When you type x[age1] that is trying to access the age1‘th entry, as if x were an array.

The problem is in the line,


What you want is

x = int(age1)

You also need to convert the int to a string for the output…

print "Hi, " + name1+ " you will be 21 in: " + str(twentyone) + " years."

The complete script looks like,

name1 = raw_input("What's your name? ")
age1 = raw_input ("how old are you? ")
x = 0
x = int(age1)
twentyone = 21 - x
print "Hi, " + name1+ " you will be 21 in: " + str(twentyone) + " years."

When you write x = 0x is an int…so you can’t do x[age1] because x is int

‘int’ object is not subscriptable is TypeError in Python. To better understand how this error occurs, let us consider the following example:

list1 = [1, 2, 3]

If we run the code, you will receive the same TypeError in Python3.

TypeError: 'int' object is not subscriptable

Here the index of the list is out of range. If the code was modified to:


The output will be 1(as indexing in Python Lists starts at zero), as now the index of the list is in range.


When the code(given alongside the question) is run, the TypeError occurs and it points to line 4 of the code :


The intention may have been to create a list of an integer number(although creating a list for a single number was not at all required). What was required was that to just assign the input(which in turn converted to integer) to a variable.

Hence, it’s better to code this way:

name = input("What's your name? ")
age = int(input('How old are you? '))
twenty_one = 21 - age
if(twenty_one < 0):
    print('Hi {0}, you are above 21 years' .format(name))
elif(twenty_one == 0):
    print('Hi {0}, you are 21 years old' .format(name))
    print('Hi {0}, you will be 21 years in {1} year(s)' .format(name, twenty_one))

The output:

What's your name? Steve
How old are you? 21
Hi Steve, you are 21 years old

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